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  • Jules Gillett

    on February 11, 2019

    I have known Aaron for a long time now so I knew he would be the one I would ask to take our photographs when we got married – not in a million years did I ever think he would agree though as I have seen his previous work - it is simply inspirational and superb – it was an absolute honour when he agreed, particularly as we were planning on getting married in secret a fair distance away. The reason I asked him to capture our day was because I had a vision of what I wanted in our photos – a cross between Wuthering Heights and Pride and Prejudice (with a touch of Poldark for the other half); I knew Aaron loved dark and moody pictures so I was onto a winner. The day before the wedding the sun was out and it was a glorious day – the forecast predicted heavy rain and gale force winds for the wedding day so I was pretty anxious and concerned about how the photos, or more importantly how I, would look with soaking wet hair! On the day however we decided that we just had to work with the rain/snow and strong winds and use them to our advantage – and wow, didn’t Aaron do just that. He literally took our wishes and improved on them a million times over. What he captured on the day is extraordinary, way beyond my very high expectations! In hindsight the weather did us a favour as it enabled Aaron to take the shots I requested – dark/moody and atmospheric – ironically (considering I was dreading the rain) the photos that have us stood in freezing wet temperatures are the ones we love the most – they are the most original wedding photos anyone could wish for – the feedback we have already received is just outstanding and a common word used is WOW.

    Every single detail throughout the process has been covered by Aaron – he has a relaxed nature about him and his professionalism is second to none – instead of worrying about the weather, he made us forget about it and worked tirelessly for us – the thing I loved about him, and his work the most, is how important it was to him to make us happy. It is obvious he loves being a photographer and this showed – from the initial meeting, to his research beforehand of the venue, the day before completing more research of the area, the days itself and the days thereafter spending considerable time making sure the memories and images he captured for us were perfect.

    As I have already said to Aaron I really do hate having my photograph taken, I am always the one who puts their hand over their face or turns around – so to have Aaron producing photographs that I literally cannot stop looking at is a compliment indeed – the memories he has captured bring a tear to my eye and create a lump in my throat every time I look at them – I genuinely never thought I would like looking at myself so much but now I want to show them off to the world.

    Aaron – from the bottom of our hearts we can't thank you enough – you have not only produced perfect photographs, you have captured the very essence of the day itself – the intimacy of the moments we shared, along with the fun of being out in the rain, to the dark atmospheric look I initially requested.

    I (we) will never stop thanking you for everything you went through to capture these memories (not many photographers would get washed up in crashing waves on the rocks in order to take the perfect pic… all because I was determined to wear THAT cape!!).

    If you want perfection with a personalised touch then you really need to use Aaron to capture your memories, it will be the best decision you ever made.

    With all our love and thanks
    Will & Jules x

  • Anna Davies

    on July 29, 2018

    Aaron and Charlotte captured our wedding last weekend and they were incredible! They were so much more than photographers - we feel like we've gained two friends afterwards! From our initial meeting, they put us at ease and seemed to instantly understand the kind of photographs we wanted. Nothing was too much trouble and they promptly replied to emails and texts both before and after the day. They captured so many special moments we would have otherwise missed. We are so happy with our photographs and can't wait to share them with family and friends!

  • Phil Morgan

    on August 22, 2017

    Love the website Aaron, looks very professional and showcases your images excellently. Best wishes with it for the future.

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